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Port Aransas, Food, Genealogy, Family History & More

Birds of St. Joe Island

St. Joe Island is well known for its incredible opportunities for beachcombing and shelling. It is also a place to view shorebirds — Brown Pelicans, Snowy Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Cormorants, Seagulls, Ruddy Turnstones, Royal Terns and more.

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Historic Port Aransas Tarpon Inn

At the time the original Tarpon Inn was built in 1886, Port Aransas was a small fishing village named Tarpon after the abundant sport fish that drew many fishermen to this area of Texas. The Inn was destroyed by fire in 1900, and its replacement was destroyed by a...

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All Aboard the Dolphin Boat in Port Aransas

The Texas Gulf Coast during winter has always felt magical to me. Spending time watching gentle waves wash onto quiet sandy beaches allows me to think about what’s important in life. So when the hubster and I decided to go somewhere for our winter vacation, we chose Port Aransas.

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Importance of Volunteering

Why do people volunteer? Why do they spend countless hours helping others without expecting a dime in return? For those of us who are volunteers or volunteer managers, this is a silly question. No amount of monetary compensation could ever match what we get in return...

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About me: I’m a native Texas gal (of Cajun and Scotch-Irish heritage) who grew up in Southeast Texas. My husband and I live in Port Aransas, which is located on a barrier island on the Texas Gulf Coast. Join me as I write about family, genealogy, Port Aransas, and more.

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