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Port Aransas, Food, Genealogy, Family History & More

GREAT BBQ – Chisholm Trail BBQ in Lockhart

Lockhart - BBQ Capital of Texas Home to several well-established BBQ eateries, Lockhart calls itself the "BBQ Capital of Texas." After eating at Chisholm Trail BBQ, I have to agree that Lockhart is an oasis for BBQ lovers. A co-worker who lives in Lockhart recommended...

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Okra and Tomatoes

As a true Southern gal, I absolutely LOVE okra and tomatoes, so I couldn't pass up the fresh okra at the Pflugerville Pfarmer's Market last week. Here's a tasty recipe from  the Simply Recipes website. This recipe is more diet-friendly than many of the traditional...

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About me: I’m a native Texas gal (of Cajun and Scotch-Irish heritage) who grew up in Southeast Texas. My husband and I live in Port Aransas, which is located on a barrier island on the Texas Gulf Coast. Join me as I write about family, genealogy, Port Aransas, and more.

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