January 9, 2011
Gus Courrege in front of his blacksmith shop.

Sunday’s Obituary: Gus Courrege – Town Blacksmith

Obituary – 10 April 1975 VINTON — Funeral services for Gustave Jean Courrege, 80, of 1133 Horridge St., longtime Vinton fire chief, were at 2 p.m. […]
December 19, 2010
St. Joseph Cemetery marker – Thibodeaux

Sunday’s Obituary – Miss Odile Naquin

This obituary for Odile Naquin (29 Dec 1846 – 13 Aug 1895) of Thibodeaux, Louisiana,  was in my grandmother’s papers. Her Labors are Done and She […]
November 3, 2010
Bread pudding with donuts next to the pan

Two Days – Two Bread Puddings

There’s nothing I enjoy more than cooking, especially when it’s something I haven’t made before. So I jumped at the chance to make bread pudding for […]
June 6, 2010
Seashells decorate many of the graves in the cemetery in Comfort, Texas.

Tombstone Tuesday – Seashells on Texas Graves

Are seashells on Texas graves merely for decoration or does this fascinating practice have a deeper meaning? In his book Texas Graveyards: A Cultural Legacy, Terry G. Jordan concludes that the practice is too widespread to just be for decoration.
March 19, 2010

Follow Friday – ATCO, Georgia, The Village

Southern mill villages such as Atco were close-knit communities, with houses for workers, churches, schools, stores, community centers, and more. The history and stories of Atco […]
March 3, 2010
True Women Book Tour Sign

True Women and Pecans in Seguin, Texas

If you are a fan of True Women, Janice Woods Windle’s 1994 bestselling novel about Texas women, war and adventure, then you know about Seguin, Texas. […]
February 25, 2010
ob Benoit, Jeff Alters, Ed Alters, Elmer Goodrich and Tom Fontenot

Treasure Chest Thursday – Edgerly Petroleum Company, 1926

Five men, covered in oil, stand on a drilling platform.  A moment frozen in time in Ged, Louisiana. Their names, as well as “3-11-Crew Vincent #10,” […]
February 5, 2010
Louisiana Genealogy Blog screenshot

Follow Friday – Louisiana Genealogy Blog

In honor of my Louisiana Cajun roots, I’d like to highlight the Louisiana Genealogy Blog for my first Follow Friday post. The Louisiana Genealogy Blog is […]
February 5, 2010
Cyprien Duhon Land Patent

Treasure Chest Thursday – Cyprien Duhon Land Patents

Land patents under Presidents Lincoln and Grant for land sold to my ancestor Cyprien Duhon! These are the family treasures for my very first Treasure Chest […]
January 18, 2010
Two story house

Hollywood Stars and Smithville, Texas

What do Hollywood stars Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick, Jr., Sean Penn, Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt and Jon Gries have in common? They’ve all filmed movies in […]