East Meets Tasty at Eastside Cafe

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East Meets Tasty at Eastside Cafe

[toc]Every few months or so, I get together with a group of friends for lunch and conversation. We recently met at Eastside Cafe for Saturday brunch. Seated in one of the Eastside Cafe’s cozy rooms in the front of the old house, we were presented with lots of tasty choices.

Eastside Cafe

Eastside Cafe

Elaine’s Blue Plate Special

Two poached eggs over smoked salmon and shrimp cakes, topped with chipotle hollandaise and served with home fries and fresh strawberries. That’s as far as I got on the menu. It was the right choice as the meal more than exceeded my expectations. The eggs were the cooked perfectly, the salmon and shrimp cakes were a perfect texture and the hollandaise sauce was just the right amount of spicy. The fresh strawberries were sweet and the fries warm and tender.

Eggs Benedict

Elaine’s Blue Plate Special was the perfect choice for me.

Migas and Salads

Cathy opted for migas ā€” eggs scrambled with tomatoes, green bell peppers, onions, and corn tortilla chips. Topped with cheddar cheese. Served with black beans, homefries, salsa and flour tortillas.

Eastside Cafe Migas

My two other friends ordered the fresh mixed green salad ā€” one with grilled chicken and the other with grilled chicken and beets.

Eastside Cafe Salad with Chicken

Eastside Cafe - Salad with beets

Always Room for Dessert

Not only are the desserts delicious, they are presented beautifully.

Bootsie’s Buttermilk Pie

Bootsie’s buttermilk pie – crispy top with a warm gooey center. Topped off with more of those sweet, fresh strawberries. Yum!

 Buttermilk chess pie topped with fresh strawberries.

Eastside Cafe Carrot Cake

Carrots, walnuts, and pineapple layered and topped with cream cheese frosting.

Eastside Cafe Carrot Cake

About Eastside Cafe

2113 Manor Rd.
Austin TX 78722
(512) 476-5858
Website: eastsidecafeaustin.com

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  1. The carrot cake looks especially nice! Your photos are always so lovely. I know you’re not a vegetarian, but did you happen to notice if they have a good selection of vegetarian offerings? I’m making a list of places to visit the next time we are in Austin! šŸ™‚

    • Annette Berksan says:

      They definitely have vegetarian offerings. Iā€™m going to try the artichoke manicotti next time Iā€™m there ā€“ Carrot pasta filled with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, pistachios, ricotta, and mozzarella cheese. Topped with sun-dried tomato cream sauce and parmesan cheese. Yum!!

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