February 19, 2012
People holding business signs.

Shopping Saturday – 1930s-1940s Photo from Vinton, Louisiana

Tucked away in grandfather’s photo album are two photos that give a glimpse of what living and shopping in Vinton, Louisiana, was like between the late […]
July 10, 2011
Ted Lyons in his baseball uniform

Sunday’s Obituary – Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Lyons

Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Amar Lyons and his sister Miss Pearl Lyons lived in the next block on the same street as my grandparents in […]
July 4, 2011
Blue Victorian house with large oak tree in yard

Sunday’s Obituary – Samuel R. Lyons, Vinton, LA

The two story “old Lyons house” at 1335 Horridge Street in Vinton—built in 1900 by Luvicy Jane and Samuel Richard Lyons—was the first home in Calcasieu […]
January 9, 2011
Gus Courrege in front of his blacksmith shop.

Sunday’s Obituary: Gus Courrege – Town Blacksmith

Obituary – 10 April 1975 VINTON — Funeral services for Gustave Jean Courrege, 80, of 1133 Horridge St., longtime Vinton fire chief, were at 2 p.m. […]
February 25, 2010
ob Benoit, Jeff Alters, Ed Alters, Elmer Goodrich and Tom Fontenot

Treasure Chest Thursday – Edgerly Petroleum Company, 1926

Five men, covered in oil, stand on a drilling platform.  A moment frozen in time in Ged, Louisiana. Their names, as well as “3-11-Crew Vincent #10,” […]
December 9, 2009
Bill and Lucy with baby Berta

Bill and Lucy Courrege Benoit, New Car, 1926

This photo is of my grandparents in front of their new car. My grandfather is holding my mother, who was born in 1926, so this photo […]