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February 3, 2014
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November 1, 2015
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Windy Winter Port A Day

Juvenile Herring Gull flies across the surf, as a wind surfer has fun in the background

The weather in Port A has been colder than usual the past few days — so I’ve stayed  indoors, building a website for a local nonprofit and organizing my Delica beads.

This afternoon, after hours of coding and writing, I suddenly didn’t care that the forecast predicted cold, overcast, windy weather. I had cabin fever and desperately needed to go to the beach. Bundled in a purple over-sized sweatshirt, jeans and a hot-pink laplander — I slipped on my bright turquoise Shimano Evair water shoes and asked the hubster to drive me to the beach in the golf cart. I think he thought I was crazy for wanting to go to the beach today, but he put on his coat and off we went to the beach.

Calming Winter Winds

Winter has always been my favorite time at the beach. There’s something calming about the quiet grey skies and the steady winds that rush the sand across the beach. Today I paused to reflect on my day’s tasks as I watched sand flow around me.

Wind blows sand across the beach

Wind blows sand across the beach.

Windy Days in Port A

Windy days in Port Aransas bring out the kite boarders, who fly in the air with their colorful sails. Today’s winds also attracted a windsurfer. What fun! If only I were much younger…

A juvenile herring gull allowed me to get within a couple of feet before rising and flying to another spot along the beach.

Juvenile Herring Gull, Port Aransas

What a wonderful windy winter day! I came home relaxed and energized. Oh. And the hubster said the trip to the cold, windy beach, “was refreshing.”

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