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Photo: Rick Alaniz is 4th from the right. His dad is 2nd from left. Rick’s niece, Rachel Roberge, is 3rd from right. Ken Williams came from Corpus to help out. Please leave the names of the other volunteers in the comments below and I’ll update the caption!

If you saw the long line of people in the IGA parking lot yesterday, the reason was yummy sausage wraps from Bluffalo Wings of Flour Bluff. Owner Rick Alaniz brought family members, volunteers and nourishment to Port Aransas.

Rick’s Passion for Helping People and Good Food

Once upon a time, in the small south Texas town of Flour Bluff, there was a little boy named Ricardo Alaniz. He had a passion for good food and loved helping people. He decided to pursue the medical field as a registered nurse. He loved the life he built for himself but his passion for good food drove him to dream of opening a restaurant. He pursued his passion in a little town called Tilden, Texas, where he opened his first restaurant. He worked tirelessly perfecting his recipes and building relationships with his customers. They knew they could count on him for amazing food, especially his chicken wings. He loved this life, but his hometown of Flour Bluff was tugging at his heart. The more time he spent away from Flour Bluff, the more he knew he wanted to go back. He wanted to bring them something that he worked so hard to perfect in this little town of Tilden: Chicken wings. A top seller at his restaurant, he knew that his wings and sauce were going to be a hit with the good people of Flour Bluff. He followed the dream in his heart, finally returning to his hometown to open his second restaurant, Bluffalo Wings Co. The boys and girls and all the people of Flour Bluff screamed and cheered when they found out they would soon all be lost in the sauce. The rest is history.

Source: Facebook

About Rick & Bluffalo Wings

Rick's niece, Rachel Roberge, welcomed everyone with a huge smile!

Photo: Rick’s niece, Rachel Roberge, welcomed everyone with a huge smile.

Bluffalo Wings is located at:
10529 South Padre Island Dr. Suite 130
Corpus Christi, Texas

Thank you Rick Alaniz and your family and volunteers for bringing smiles & hot sausage wraps to Port Aransas.


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