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Hurricane Harvey

Sabalo Energy Angels to the Rescue

Sabalo Energy closed its offices for 2 days so that its employees could help out in Port A. In a short period of time, more than 1/2 dozen people were able to accomplish what would have taken my husband and I more than 2 weeks to do.

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Angels with Bluffalo Wings

If you saw the long line of people in the IGA parking lot yesterday, the reason was yummy sausage wraps from Bluffalo Wings of Flour Bluff. Owner Rick Alaniz brought family members, volunteers and nourishment to Port Aransas.

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Angels Come in All Sizes

“Angels” who are volunteering in Port Aransas after Hurricane Harvey come in all sizes. Meet Cannon, who is learning at a young age what it means to help people. Cannon and his family were grilling chicken and making beans today.

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About me: I’m a native Texas gal (of Cajun and Scotch-Irish heritage) who grew up in Southeast Texas. My husband and I live in Port Aransas, which is located on a barrier island on the Texas Gulf Coast. Join me as I write about family, genealogy, Port Aransas, and more.

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