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If you see a Salvation Army chariot (disaster relief truck) in Port Aransas, be sure to stop it and thank Risa (right) and Marcella (left) from the Salvation Army of Muskogee for being here in Port Aransas. They just appeared out of nowhere on our street Monday with hot food. Today they brought the best chicken I’ve ever eaten. And the meal had vegetables and peaches. It was heaven in a to-go box.

What makes the gesture of delivering food to our streets so awesome is that we in Port A are cleaning out the piles of rubble that used to be our belongings — and we don’t have time or the energy to find food. We are tired. We are filthy. We are hungry. But we have to keep removing sheetrock, shoveling wet and stinky insulation and trying to save what belongings we have that didn’t get covered with salty water and seaweed. We are in a race against time. Mold is growing by the second.

Risa and Marcella are bright angels in the darkness of this Hurricane Harvey disaster. They bring food and smiles. We pause for a moment from our work and laugh and smile with them. And we thank them for that.

My neighbors at the Salvation Army of Muscogee disaster relief truck

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